What is an e-Statement?
e-Statement is an option to receive your statements by electronic format through Online Advantage with Bank of Ocean City for eligible accounts. e-Statements will be viewable electronically in a PDF (Portable Document Format). You will be able to view your statements online, save them to your computer or print them at your convenience. Any legal notices that normally accompany your mailed statement will be delivered electronically. These include but are not limited to: Privacy Policy, Funds Availability Policy and Electronic Funds Transfer Act Disclosure and Agreement. After enrolling in the e-Statement Service, you will no longer receive a mailed paper statement.

What accounts are eligible for e-Statements?
You must be enrolled in Online Advantage, Bank of Ocean City’s internet banking service, to sign up for e-Statement Service. Personal Checking, Business Checking, Savings, Christmas Clubs, Health Savings and Money Market accounts all qualify for the e-Statement Service. Each account must be enrolled for the Service and e-Statements will be available at the same frequency as your statement was previously mailed. Checking and Money Market account statements will be available monthly. Savings and Christmas Club accounts statement will be available quarterly.

Learn more about E-Statements by Downloading the Electronic Statement Disclosure Agreement HERE:

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