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Our mission at Bank of Ocean City is to excel in services and advance the growth of our bank and community. Our primary goal is to provide superior customer service while maintaining high standards of safety and soundness with cutting edge technology. We refer to this as the Bank of Ocean City Advantage.

Our reputation and a high level of public confidence are important to us. We look to all of our employees and the Board of Directors, locals who know the community and are vitally interested in its growth, to achieve this mission.

We want each of our customers to experience the Bank of Ocean City Advantage by serving your banking needs and transactions in a way that makes you proud to say, “Bank of Ocean City, That’s My Bank!

Anytime you have done business with us and feel you have not experienced the Bank of Ocean City Advantage, please let me know.

Reid Tingle
President and CEO
5900 Coastal Highway
Ocean City, MD 21842

Our History

It was 1916, the First World War raged in Europe, mailing a letter cost two cents and the big storm that created the Ocean City Inlet was still 17 years in the future. During this time a significant event took place that would help shape the future of our little town. A bank was created to serve the needs of the residents and was appropriately named, Bank of Ocean City.

Since originally opening at the corner of Dorchester Street and Baltimore Ave we have expanded to serve our growing community. We opened our second branch at 5900 Coastal Highway in 1972. Our third branch, which is now our main office, was opened in West Ocean City in 1976. To serve our north end community we opened a branch at 12109 Coastal Highway in 1990. In order to service the growing community of Ocean Pines we opened our fifth location at 11001 Nicholas Lane in 1997. And in 2007 we opened the doors to our sixth branch located at 627 William Street in Berlin. Most recently, in late 2016, our 12109 Coastal Highway office was relocated to 904 Coastal Highway in Fenwick Island, DE.

Little did those who were a part of the bank in those early days realize the impact their roles would have on the future years and growth of our little town. Our founders and their families set a high precedent for growth and leadership in the community in which we live. We continue with those ideals today.


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